About Us

Personal statement 

Recently I have experienced major changes in my life and as my identity is a foundation of my brand I feel obligated to share and to explain. 
I was born and lived my whole life in Moscow, Russia. Due to political events that started in spring 2022 I had to reevaluate my views. I have never been a political person, but in times of a conflict I couldn’t stay neutral as I believe doing nothing is the same as doing harm. 
I do not support war in any way. And our government doesn’t support piece. I was not free to speak out. I couldn’t say what I really think, I couldn’t do what I thought was right. 
There was no other way for me than to move. So I did. 
It is hard to move a business. But still I did. 
I was so proud of saying that I’m from Russia, as it’s fashion industry was just starting to build up and I had so many plans and hopes. I still have my plans but they do not contain any kind of violence. 
General VI is a worldwide brand and I want it to be available worldwide. 
I am very sad that I had to leave my homeland and steel adjusting to the new reality. It takes a while you know💔
General VI is for Generalova Victoria – creator and head designer.  

The brand  established in 2019. It is a wearable experiment about garments that are bold yet functional. The personality of the brand grows out from pattern deconstruction attempts that lead to reinterpretation of shapes and symmetries yet followed by precised tailoring.
Each piece is weaved and influenced by various cultures and ethnics. The blend of hi-tech, elegant, textured materials and futuristic silhouettes build up the signature style of the brand.